Hailing from a family of Russian scientists and other colorful characters, Ava has been making things since forever. Since graduating with honors from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, she has had the privilege of working with a slew of fantastic clients and collaborating with many talented artists. Ava currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.

Ava is inspired by things like: color coded bookshelves, vellum, inch worms, sake, sumi ink, wisteria, rhubarb pie, upright pianos, letterpress everything, embroidery thread, bicycle rides, hot pink tape, luchador masks, nostalgia, bubble tea, origami paper, mood rings, autumn, collecting bread ties, chopstick wrappers and scissors, tea with honey and lemon, sequins, port cities, chinese apothecary packaging, el dia de los muertos & playing in waterfalls.

credit: lots of credit goes to Griffin Waldau with whom I collaborated for much of my creative career. please look him up!

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